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At the Law Firm of Leonard Alterman, we strive to make your experience a positive one. Your interests are our primary focus. As your Probate Attorney we stress communication, keep you informed as to the progress of your case, and make the overall process less confusing because we fully explain what we are doing. This process has kept our clients returning happy for many years.


With over 30 years experience as an Attorney, Leonard Alterman provides legal services in a variety of different areas, but primarily focuses on Wills and Trusts, Probate Law, and Business Law.


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Leonard Alterman - Probate attorney

Over 30 Years Experience

Leonard Alterman - Probate attorney

Florida law will dictate how your property passes if you do not have a will…read more

Probate Attorney - Living Trust and Estate Planning

The passage of property after a persons death is governed by Florida Probate Law…read more

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I am an experienced business attorney in Jacksonville…read more

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